rain & refresh

2013-07-26 07.09.02[Seattle sounds about right]

For the past few years we’ve been in a drought. A bone-dry, life-squelching, give-me-but-a-drop-of-water-for-my-tongue drought.

And July usually means triple-digit temperatures for record-breaking days on end.

Not this year.

This year – and I may just be dreaming – but I think I live in Seattle. We’ve had beautiful (and, yes, hot) summer days great for the pool and soaking up sun. But then we’ve had the rainy, wet, drippy days perfect for a cup of coffee and staying inside. There have been thunderstorms and all day rain storms and quick drizzly, showers before the sun peeks its’ head out again.

One thing is for sure: we are no longer in a drought.

It’s a strange thing, but the last few years I’ve felt the pattern of drought etching itself into my spiritual soul. Bone dry. Life squelched. I just want a drop of water for my tongue.

It happened slowly, in among the church going and the Scripture memorizing and the Bible reading and the praying. But a drought is a drought. I’ve just felt dry in my spirit – like, record-breaking dry.

With the rain has come a refresh. Just like the drops of cool, pure rain pelting the parched ground are running down my dusty, dry spirit. Just as if they are soaking in, drenching, filling, washing clean…the same as the rain has done to the drought ridden earth.

What is that verse? Times of refreshing will come from the Lord. But that’s not the entire verse. It says repent and turn to God and then times of refreshing. (Acts 3:19, NLT)

That’s been my prayer, my heart. No more drought, only filled full with the Spirit. Because I’m repenting and turning to God daily. Oh, how I need Him. Like the parched earth has needed the rain.

One thing is for sure: I’m no longer in a drought.


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