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I sing more silly songs in one day than I ever imagined I would in a life time.

Me. Silly songs. In silly voices. Just to make one little man smile.

But I would do anything for that smile. After all, he has his daddy’s smile 😉

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Isaac is now 3 1/2 months old. And I finally feel like I’m getting stronger. Actually, I was carrying three bags of groceries, Isaac in his car seat plus his diaper bag and my purse up the three flights of stairs to our apartment the other day and I felt stronger. Physically and emotionally and mentally. Just stronger.

Not as overwhelmed (though I still am at times). Not as weary (although I really think a constant state of soreness is motherhood). Not as weak (will I ever feel as weak as I did in those days right after giving birth???? It’s like the strangest mix of feeling like I could climb Mt. Everest and being completely exhausted by taking a shower).

Not that I’ve got this thing. Most of the time I still feel like it’s got me. Haha. It was just the simple thought crossing my mind that I feel stronger.

Motherhood has made me stronger. A stronger follower of Jesus. A stronger wife. A stronger daughter and sister and friend. Stronger. Stronger than I was.

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I write stronger.

Run stronger.

Work stronger.

Because of this gracious gift that God has seen fit to place in my life. Could He have made me stronger another way? Apart from motherhood?

Oh, yes. God is not limited. But for me His path to becoming stronger is this one. It’s a hard one. It’s a wonderful one.

And I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

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