our germany adventure: obberaumergau

Getting from Heiligenblut, Austria to Obberaumergau, Germany proved to be a little more complicated than we thought. We took a bus to the train station. From there we took a train route that ended up going through Italy (which we didn’t know beforehand). About 20 minutes from our destination they announced that they were terminating service due to renovations. From there we were bused to Innsbruck where we waited about an hour and a half for our next train. That train took us into Garmisch where we caught a taxi to Obberaumergua. When all was said and done, what took us 10 hrs via train/bus/taxi would have only taken us about 3 hrs via car. Oh, well.

We made it! And we are so glad that we chose to end this Germany adventure in Bavaria. We stayed the first 5 nights at Guesthouse Unruh just on the edge of the downtown. It was a nice room/bathroom and a good breakfast each morning. And Frau Unruh was so friendly and helpful. With the room came an awesome discount card called a Konig Card so that we could rent bikes, go swimming, take the cable car and a ton of other things for free. That card was an unexpected blessing!

The last 5 nights we spent at Alpinissimo Apartments a little farther outside downtown. It was a totally different feel, having a whole flat to ourselves with a kitchen and refrigerator. I didn’t realize (as great as it is to have breakfast included in the price of the room) how much I enjoy just getting up whenever, eating whenever/whatever. It was nice. Very much a retreat for us.

As weird as it sounds, traveling can be hard work! We practically needed a vacation from our vacation and we got it at Alpinissimo. We had our own balcony with a view of the mountains. They had a pool and sundeck. They even had movies to watch, which seems like a little thing, but we had missed our movie nights. We went through the Bourne Trilogy, Inception and The Dark Knight. Haha. One movie every night.

One day we took the Laberbahn cable car up to the top of the ridge overlooking Obberaumergau. It was fun on the way up because Matt and I got a car all to ourselves. But as soon as we got to the top the clouds moved in. And when we were ready to leave, the line to go back down was so long…ending with another cramped cable car ride. But it was free! 😉

Another day we rented e-bikes (they have a battery that will assist when you’re going up a hill…I know. But it was great for a few big hills. I think I would have died otherwise). We biked about 30km round trip to Schloss Linderhoff and then went swimming! Haha. By the end of the day I was completely wiped.

Another day it rained. Poured really. We got up pretty early, ate a little breakfast and then I laid down on the couch and fell back asleep for another hour or so. When I woke up the clouds had moved in close and low and the rain was falling hard. It was so cozy. And perfect because that was the day I really didn’t feel good at all, so I appreciated the excuse to just hang out on the couch.

Three or four times we went swimming at the Wellenbad. It had several indoor pools, a few outdoor pools, water slides, and (I must add this) a place to buy slushies and nachos!!! 🙂 So much fun. And it was free. Can’t beat that. I thought I would go home white as a ghost…instead I had a pretty nice tan before we left.

Among several great traditional restaurants, we found a great ice cream place in town. And a great cafe that served yummy crepes (and American pancakes! Whoohoo!). We found a candy store and a pizzeria.

About twelve years ago my family spent two weeks in Obberaumergau. The Christmas after that, we spent Christmas Eve/Christmas Day in Obberaumergau with my uncle and cousins. It has been a blast revisiting all the places I remember here. On Sunday, we went to a church service at the same church we went to on Christmas Eve all those years ago.

It’s hard to believe all we did on our two months Germany Adventure, but we have the memories and the pictures to prove it. It’s hard to believe it’s over. It really flew by. We are so thankful that we were able to spend that time together, living out one of our dreams. We couldn’t have asked for a better summer. Together.