5 months


2013-07-17 10.04.052013-07-17 10.04.082013-07-17 10.04.39

2013-07-17 10.04.19

2013-07-17 10.04.572013-07-17 10.05.282013-07-17 10.05.50

2013-07-17 10.05.20

This boy.

Just when I think my heart can’t fit any more love, it does.

It is such a joy to watch him grow and change. I get so excited when I imagine him crawling and pulling up and full on walking. I get so excited when I think about his first taste of food, first Christmas, first birthday. What a privilege to carry and bring into this world a human life!

And then I think that my joy over this process and my love for my child pales in comparison to God the Father’s joy over us and love for us. How awesome!


4 thoughts on “5 months

  1. Aw, such an absolute cutie! He’s getting more and more handsome! Loved your thought on our love for our children pales in comparison to God’s love for us. Makes me think of Jeremiah 31:3.

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