a daddy & a son

Daddy_Isaac 002Daddy_Isaac 004
Daddy_Isaac 012Daddy_Isaac 014
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Daddy_Isaac 026Daddy_Isaac 020

This is Daddy & Isaac. A sight I’ve dreamed of seeing for years. I didn’t know either face or either name back then. I only knew hopes and dreams and prayers.

Prayers that someday I would have a husband who wanted to be a daddy.

And that someday I would have a son.

Yesterday I had just put my feet up to relax for a few moments and make out my “to do” list for Monday. Matt said he was going to change Isaac’s diaper and I heard them in the next room – Matt talking and Isaac cooing.

Something told me I had better go take pictures. So I jumped up, grabbed my camera and started snapping away as the diaper changing unfolded. I think I captured some pretty precious shots.

And as I went through them this morning, oh, what thankfulness welled up in my heart for God’s answer to my prayers.

A husband who loves being a daddy and a son…a beautiful son.