one step closer

(4/26) Just some more thoughts on moving. I’ll be writing this post piecemeal as the move progresses, as I have time, as I have inspiration.

I just don’t want to forget.

This is the ending of one season, the beginning of another. While there are a few things (leaving fam & friends) I am 😦 about…there are so many more things that I am 🙂 about. This is an awesome time in our lives.

These last six months have been the best six months of my life. Not many newlyweds have the opportunity to spend a majority of their time together, commute together, work together or eat all three meals together. To say I am grateful for this quality time in our first year of marriage is an understatement.

And the opportunity to live in this house has been so wonderful. We couldn’t have picked a better place to start our lives together. Those walls contain a whole lot of memories. BUT I can say that the only good-bye tears I will cry are tears of gratefulness. Because God has been so good. I can’t find any part of me to grieve leaving our first house. We have lived in it well. Our time there was full and blessed. Never would I have imagined all that God would do in the 12 months since I stepped foot over the threshold. My cup overflows.

Today (4/27) turned out to be better than we imagined. After weeks of planning and prep, organizing and packing…everything came together. And we were able to get almost everything moved out. We had expected to rent the Uhaul tomorrow, but since we finished our first load so early, we decided to go ahead and rent one today instead. Between the four of us, we have it down to about 3 hours work away from being totally done.

Wow. We’re blown away and blessed. And excited and thrilled. There comes a point when I am done thinking and just want to do…want to get it done. No more talking. No more wondering. No more hoping. Just get it done.

It’s taken a lot of sweat. A lot of hard work. A lot of team work. But we’re almost across the finish line on this first stage of our move. Phew. It feels so good. Lighter. Like after you get a haircut or something. Freer. Fresher. A new beginning.

And we couldn’t have done it without Mom & Dad. They are the best. Which isn’t a wonder since they’ve done the move thing quite a few times over the years. They have this down to a science.

After a long, hot, sweaty, tiring day, we came back to dinner on the patio: grilled pizza, salad, beer and Mom’s amazing Banoffee Pie. Then we sat and talked until it was dark and the candle was flickering in the evening breeze. Wonderful memories.

It feels so good to be here. It feels so good to be almost done with this move. It feels so good to be one step closer to Germany.

(4/29) I think WordPress hates me. At least WordPress for iPhone does. I finished this post yesterday, went to view it on my iPhone, hit update not thinking anything of it and WordPress revert the post to an older version.

Oh, well. Can’t remember everything I wrote about our last day in the house. Something about cleaning and changing light bulbs and touching up paint.

Something about the fact that I lied… Some tears of sadness did threaten to fall as I mopped myself out of the house. I can’t help but realize that Matt and I have crossed a threshold in our marriage – moving out of our first home. Crazy.

Crazy how, even as we cleaned and touched up the paint and changed light bulbs, the house suddenly felt strange…as if we never even lived there. It wasn’t ours anymore, wasn’t home.

We’re moving on. And I am excited for the future. The memories in the making. The adventures ahead. This next chapter of our lives. Where Matt is, that’s where my home is. Together. Here or on the other side of the world.