our honeymoon adventures [in pictures]: sixth and final part

Our final destination was Wellington on the north island. We walked to the ferry from the train station and settled in for the three hour trip.

(We were pleasantly surprised to find that our travel agent had upgraded our ferry tickets so we were able to spread out, relax and enjoy wifi, lunch and drinks.

(That evening we had an amazing dinner on the wharf at an Italian restaurant called Portifino)


(The next day we headed out to explore Wellington)


– Saw an Eagle Ray swimming in the bay

-Walked through the Te Papa Museum

(Matt wasn’t too sure about the picture with the giant whale skeleton 🙂 )

– Came across a street market and bought some “tent food.”

– And some ice cream

– Walked the streets

– Took the cable car up to the botanical gardens

– Went to dinner at a really neat restaurant located in an old, restored house

– Took pictures in a red phone booth

And that was about it for our [very full] day in Wellington.


(The next day we headed out to explore some more since our flight wasn’t until the afternoon. Yes, we did eat breakfast before our first ice cream cone of the day 🙂 )

(We walked a good part of the way around the harbor)

(Lunch at a little, sea-side cafe’)

(Waiting for the shuttle to the airport)

(Heading home)

The End.

But just for that trip. Our travel adventures are far from finished.