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Around here we’re beginning to find our groove. And it’s nice. I’m learning this little guy’s cues…and coos for that matter 😉 I’m learning what certain cries mean and what routines he needs and a little about what makes him tick.

I still have so much to learn. And just about every day something new throws me for a loop.

But over all we’re beginning to find our groove. In the nursing and the diaper changing (made the switch to cloth and loving it!) and the bathing and the rocking and the soothing and all the other things life still consists of…things that don’t stop just because there’s a baby now.

I am excited for the challenge. And thankful to be able to set my own agenda each day. And humbled that Matt and I have been given the charge of this darling, little boy. Our son.


The other day I pulled Isaac’s hats out, just to see if any of them fit him yet. Low and behold –  his fur bomber hat did! Yay for Mommy! Haha. Because Isaac could care less, I know.

But I just had to snap some pics of him.

This is what Isaac thought of that:

A mix of fear…

March2013 019

And disgust?

March2013 030

Followed by, “I’ll get you for this” (one hundred poopy diapers later…)…

March2013 036

And, finally, resignation…

March2013 032

Mommy will take her pictures. Haha.

But, seriously. This kid cracks me up. I propped him on his belly with a small pillow under him…to try and get those adorable poses we’ve all seen a million times on Pinterest.

Isaac was having none of it. He would roll off the side of the pillow. He would catapult himself over the top of the pillow. He would bury his face in the pillow. Anything but prop his chubby chin on his chubby arms and look at the camera. Or even sleep. I would have been happy with sleeping.

Perfect Pinterest poses aside, I ended up with a few that I thought were adorable.

And that’s pretty much what’s been going on around here.

I can hardly believe I am a wife and mommy. It’s still so surreal.

Somebody pinch me.

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