making our world a little greener

It’s Saturday. I think I might make another cup of coffee…as I turn my kitchen counter into my arts & crafts station and try my hand at a few St. Patty’s Day decorations.

I am not naturally a glue & scissors kind of girl. But I’m trying to find that part of me and help it bloom…if only a little. At least I can add a little green & shamrock flair without spending more than $3 and that makes me happy.

It’s amazing what you can do with some twine, super glue, construction paper, an old book, ribbon and scissors. Oh, and skewers and push pins. It’s fun to let my creativity run wild (how far it reaches is still up for debate) and spend time making things that might not seem to matter in the long run.

But – in retrospect – they end up holding more meaning than a lot of other things. Taking time to celebrate and make our world a little brighter matters more than I realize many times.

Pinterest is good for many things. Not the least of which is inspring my visual learner self to tackle new projects. I started compiling my St. Patrick’s Day board a while ago. And I couldn’t wait to get started on decorating. And planning the St. Patty’s Day dinner we’re hosting at our house. Since St. Patty’s Day is coming soon, I can say without any sarcasm: lucky me! 😉


– for the banner

– for the bouquet

– for the candles