the power of pink

(Fuchsia Fever | Maybelline)

I’m not traditionally a pink lipstick kind of girl. Actually, I’m not traditionally a lipstick girl at all. I tend towards the glosses…and the chapsticks. Something about always getting it on my teeth and having trouble coloring inside the lines deters me from lipstick. Or something like that.

But Matt got me out of my shell by putting Maybelline’s “Are You Red-dy” in my stocking this Christmas. And I fell in love. Just last week he picked out this pretty shade of pink. Next up is purple. So far, it’s 2 for 2, so I think it’s safe to say he’ll pick a good one 😉

But I love this pink. It’s soft and bright at the same time. And it makes me feel happy. Who can’t use more happy in their day? It’s the power of pink. I think I’ll keep wearing it 😉