Picking Blackberries

2014-06-24 12.53.41


I was working in the yard and looked up to see him way up on the hill. He always looks so tiny when he’s way up on the hill. As I walked closer I noticed he had something in his hand that he was munching on. I feel like toddlers are always munching on something. Or boys are. Or both. Everything goes in the mouth. As long as it’s not poisonous and is somewhat organic, I tend not to worry. Dirt? Dirt I can handle. Not poisonous and as organic as it gets.

As I got closer, I noticed Bubbs swooping in and out of the blackberry bushes like a little honey bee. I noticed a purple ring around his mouth and a big, fat berry in his chubby hand. Not poisonous. And it’s organic. Check and check. Phew.

We had picked a few berries the day before and he had remembered. He knew right where they were, decided he needed a little snack and went straight for the ripest, juiciest blackberry he could find. That’s my boy.

Picking blackberries with Isaac on the hill reminded me again of my new little mission. To take life slow. To drink it in. To relish each moment. Not to stress or worry or fly by in a hurry, thinking I’m moving onto better things. To rest and heal and be refreshed. This is my focus for my 30th year…and for all the years to come.

It looks like afternoon naps. And playing outside for hours at a time. And morning walks. And stopping to smell the roses. And breakfast dates, just Bubbs & Mama. And grilling out on the patio. And swinging at the park. And reading. And putting together a care box to send to Daddy. And baking cookies. And snuggling. And doing a happy dance in the kiddie pool because you can finally go down the slide all by yourself (Bubbs, of course). And spending time with friends. And starting a new Biblestudy. And singing along to your favorite songs. And watching a good movie while you finish off the rest of the Talenti (Mama, of course).

It looks like picking blackberries on the hill and eating them right there.


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