This Present Moment

2014-06-12 07.48.27


I am here again. For now. Writing in this space. I’m not really sure where to start because it’s been a while (again) and so much has happened before and in-between.

But I guess all that really doesn’t matter. The before and in-between. This is now. The present. This is what matters. This moment when I suddenly feel the desire to tap away at the keyboard again.

Matt is away. Training for his new career. And I am so happy and excited for him, for us. It’s been a long time coming and we are anticipating the future and all that God will do. I am so proud of Matt and how hard he has/is working.

So, Bubbs is currently my snuggle bug. While Daddy’s away. But only sometimes when a storm rolls through or he wakes up needing to nurse or the day just gets off to a very early start (early bedtimes are a blessing & a curse). He is a rowdy sleeper and kicks and punches.

But this morning (not pictured above), he snuggled down deep in my arms. He nursed in a daze, stopped and fell asleep snoring softly. I was awake in the early morning. Mostly because I was ready to be awake and also because it’s hard to sleep sitting up with a baby in your arms. But I’m so glad I was awake, to lock that memory away in my heart. Nothing could have been better, except if Daddy had been with us.



4 thoughts on “This Present Moment

  1. How touchingly beautiful! Hannah, you have such a way with words. I wish I could see you and Isaac and hold my great-nephew
    I love you,

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