he’s almost always walking now

2014-03-30 14.17.54


(one of the last images from the Era of Crawling)

What is it about baby milestones that are so bitter-sweet to a mama’s heart? Every day I watch Baby Boy get a little bigger, grow a little taller, reach a little higher…and I am happy & proud while simultaneously wanting to sob buckets of tears.

I was so excited when Isaac learned to roll over. When he learned to sit up. When he learned to crawl. When he learned to pull up.

And I couldn’t wait to see him toddling around on his chubby, baby feet. But I also knew, in the back of my mind, deep down in my heart: there’s no going back.

And it’s true. Now Baby Boy is walking much more than he’s crawling. In fact, he’s almost always walking now. Toddling around on his chubby, baby feet. Just like I knew he would.

I am happy & proud. And when the moments come that I feel like sobbing buckets of tears, I let the tears come. There’s no going back, but I’d say the future is pretty darn bright.


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