he loves me well

2014-03-28 16.06.25


Just when I think he can’t love me any better than he already does, he goes just a little farther. Just a little deeper. He loves me better than I have ever been loved.

He listens. And then he speaks. He serves. He holds my hand. He writes me love notes. He wraps me up tight in his arms. He cares for our son. He brings me flowers on the most unsuspecting of days. He gives much, much more than he ever takes. He tells me I’m beautiful. He shows me I’m beautiful. He remembers the little things. He doesn’t wait to say he’s sorry.

It’s been three years since I first saw Matt’s profile on eHarmony. I knew then there was something different about him. There was an unexplainable peace that washed over me. A peace that has never left. Now I know. This is what a sailor feels when he finally sees the lighthouse through the storm. When a soldier finally steps across the threshold of home. When a dreamer awakes and finds his most beautiful dream come true.

I felt peace then. But I had no idea how much he would love me. How deep. How wide. How well.


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