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This is our year on the move. We found out around New Years that things were moving forward on the career front. Moving forward but not immediate, so we decide to pare down our stuff yet again, put what was left in storage and hit the road for a while.

All the loose ends were tied up at last and we set out. On the open road again. “This is freedom,” Matt said. This feeling that you can go anywhere, do anything. No strings attached. No expectations. No agenda. Just spending time together as a family. Making memories. Doing some things we won’t be able to do again for a while. Enjoying letting go of the weight of stuff and things; dusting “routine” off our shoulders for a bit.

While we’ve never been very routine, always thinking a bit outside the box. Always looking for something a bit different. Always reaching a bit farther than normal. We still like rhythms. I do especially. And Isaac needs them at his age. Rhythms aren’t like routines. Rhythms you can find anywhere you go. Routines are tied to a particular time or place.

Some of our current rhythms are: waking without an alarm, sipping morning coffee, playtime with Nana, a load of laundry here & there, some yoga, meditating on a favorite verse, a picnic lunch on the lawn, holding Baby Boy while he takes his morning nap, making simple dinners, tidying the kitchen, enjoying a brownie & ice cream with a favorite TV show…

Routines squelch; rhythms encourage abundant living. Routines take; rhythms give. Routines demand; rhythms offer a fresh view of every day life. Routines require everything stays the same; rhythms embrace change.

Give me rhythms any day.


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