new name, new format, same old us

2014-02-05 13.43.51

I promised there is a method to this madness. And there is. I’m really excited about the new direction for the blog. The new name “McKay Minutes” is reflective of a new theme. I’ve been craving some focus and simplicity in this place. I want to be free to write whatever enters my heart, but I also want there to be consistency. I want to have a purpose for the time I spend on this blog and I want my readers to know what to expect when I publish a post.

Since I find inspiration in photography and I love to write, I decided to combine them in the simplest way possible. One picture and a short essay of words inspired by that picture will make up each post.

Simple. Focused. Clean.

I come to this place to record the special moments of our lives using images and words. No clutter. Nothing unnecessary.

My desire is to encourage and be encouraged. To inspire and be inspired. Without a lot of fuss or wasted time for me or my readers.

So, that’s it. A new name, a new format, but the same old us.


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