a method in the madness

2014-02-01 16.23.56

I know there are probably a bazillion “methods in the madness” out there. I inadvertently stumbled across mine at the beginning of this year.

I bought a pretty notebook at Target, not quite sure what I was going to do with it. Then it dawned on me. Why not keep everything in one place? Have a master notebook of sorts?

In past years I’ve worn myself out trying to keep everything separate and divided and just so. I would, of course, give up a few months into it. This year, none of that.

It’s all in this notebook. I started January by writing out my prayer requests for the month, my goals, the blog posts I wanted to write, etc. Then I just dove in. Whatever I needed to write in it day by day – notes from my quiet times, menus/shopping lists, notes from researching various topics, a packing list, a food diary – whatever it was it ended up in the notebook.

This month I’m doing the same thing. I’ve tweaked it a little here and there. I love it so far. It’s neat. It’s simple. It’s organized. And yet there is still freedom.

The perfect method for me.

P.S. I’m doing some blog brainstorming, changing up some things, daydreaming and goal setting. I want this space to be encouraging and helpful to both me and anyone who cares to read. I’m still working through what that looks like. So, there is a method to this madness as well. Just hang in there with me.


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