11 months

2014-01-15 10.23

I feel like for the last month or so Matt and I have been on pins and needles wondering when Baby Boy will decide to walk. He started crawling at 6 months, pulling up at 7 months and cruising at 8 months.

But Baby Boy has been working hard cutting some teeth; walking can wait for a little while. He’s stands all the time and is still the fastest crawler I know [it’s a miracle every time I capture a none blurry photo of him]. He’ll walk in good time, I know.

2014-01-15 10.25.07

My mama’s heart is aching enough as it is watching the days fly by so fast. I’m thankful for the days I still have to watch him crawl and cruise and ask to be picked up.

The way he looks at his toy plane, I wouldn’t be surprised if he became a pilot some day. Or – as much as he loves bath time – a Navy Seal. Whatever his heart desires. I’ll let him go. But for today, I’m holding him close and holding him tight and breathing in his sweet baby smell, relishing the feel of his sweet baby arms around my neck.

2014-01-15 10.25.092014-01-15 10.25.132014-01-15 10.25.17

And that went mushy pretty fast. Sorry. Some days are just like that. Even when it’s not all sweet baby smells and sweet baby hugs. Like the days he boycotts his naps and I think I might go crazy from the whininess. Or when his energy is going strong after mine gave out back in round one at 9:02am. Even then, being this boy’s mom is still the biggest blessing I’ve known apart from becoming Matt’s wife. My heart will be eternally grateful that I get to share my days with the “cutest of cutie pies and the sweetest of sweetie peas” as we say.

2014-01-15 10.26.30

We are planning a small, family-sized celebration for his first birthday – all sailboats and anchors and red, white & blue. I can’t wait to see him dive into his smash cake. I can’t wait to celebrate the very best & handsomest of baby boys. Of course, we celebrate him every day. The fact that he is here to love, to kiss, to hold. In the flesh. Breathing in and breathing out. Making funny faces and laughing with his squinty-eyed smile when he’s doing something mischievous. Our little boy – the one I cried and prayed for before I even met his father. Yes, we celebrate every day.

2014-01-15 10.26.272014-01-15 10.26.47-22014-01-15 10.29.45

And just so you know what 95% of my images of Baby Boy look like…2014-01-15 10.27.53


2 thoughts on “11 months

  1. I love how he and Kaylie are so close in age. It’s so fun to see them doing things at about the same time. Isaac is so adorable. Truly adorable. And handsome. : ) And the emotions – oh my! Being a mommy is so wonderful and heart-wrenching (in good ways!) and amazing. I love that we get to live our dreams of being a wife and a mommy. God.is.good.

    • Me, too! SO much fun! I love that we get to live out our dreams, too, Chrissy. I remember those feelings of searching/being unfulfilled. Now, being a wife and mommy, I don’t have those feelings any more.

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