4 Baby Items I’m Lovin’

2014-01-05 17.29.16

1] Alba Un-Petroleum Jelly

2] Kid-O Tugboat

3] Bunnies By the Bay Skipit’s Snug Booties

4] Every Day Shea Butter Bubble Bath

Here’s a little round-up of baby items I’m loving right now. I use the un-petroleum jelly to soothe chapped lips & cheeks [and the occasional nose during a cold]. The tugboat is so simple, but packs a bath time of fun. Isaac wears his booties almost every day. They stay on so well and keep his toesies nice and warm. The bubble bath. Natural. Fresh. Minty. Soothing. And makes great bubbles.

I’m always on the hunt for great baby products [just ask Matt], so I’d love to hear yours. Share in the comments or link to a blog post you’ve written.

Happy Tuesday!


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