Jesus as He is [Introduction]


I turned twenty-nine in May of this year. Baby Boy was three months old and it’s safe to say I was still adjusting to the new normal. I wanted to have a word or two to give me focus for the last year in my twenties. I guess it ended up being a phrase: “in the thick of it.”

I was in the thick of it then and I’m in the thick of it now. But my half-birthday was the end of November and I prayed for a month that God would give me something to write – a post series of sorts – that would give me focus beyond that phrase for these second six months.

It really started with a comment from Matt. I was telling him how – even after all these years of walking with the Lord – I still struggle with spending time with the Lord. Yes, I know I’m “in the thick of it” and being a new mother can take up more than a little bit of your time. Ahem.

But I also know it’s more than that…this struggle to pray, to read the Word. It goes much deeper. It goes deep down to the way I see Jesus. I was telling Matt this and he responded that I need to ask Jesus to help me see Him as He is without the shroud of crap and half-truths and straight up lies that life had thrown over Him.

My heart was pierced. What he said was so simple…but SO true. There was a shroud preventing me from seeing Jesus as He is. And instead of tearing away the shroud piece by piece, I was turning my heart away all together.

So I started praying that I would know Jesus as He is. And that’s what I’ll be writing about this month: how Jesus is answering that prayer and what I’m learning along the way.

I know one thing right now, His beauty is beginning to shine through again… The shroud is falling away…


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