for the love of fall


This year we are experiencing a miracle in Oklahoma. Fall. As in leaves turning bright orange and gold and flaming red. It’s a phenomenon that I’ve likened to Leap Year – we only experience fall here just about every 7 years. Usually a freeze comes too quickly and then rain and wind strip the trees of their unturned leaves.

But this year there is fall. Wonderful fall. For pumpkin patches. And roasting hot dogs & marshmallows. And drinking Apple Cider. And making apple pie. And taking family photos! [Matt & Isaac both cheer “hooray” at that one 😉 ]

*sigh of relief* Yes, the family photos are complete. No one died or had a melt down (me!) and my sister did an amazing job capturing our growing, little family. This post may be a little too full of pictures by the time I’m done, but so be it. Cheers to fall!















2 thoughts on “for the love of fall

  1. I just love these! Your poses are great, and y’all look like you had a great time! And that little boy of yours….oh I could just squeeze him!!!

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