the pumpkin patch

2013-10-23 11.15.53

Okay. It was more than just a pumpkin patch.

It was the Orr Family Farm. And it really was fantastic.

We have been up in the air about our moving plans. Yes, another move. Our original lease was going to be up on the 31st and we were trying to decide what to do – where to move and when or to stay. So it went. Last week we finally decided to extend our lease.

When we extended the lease my heart immediately settled. Now to enjoy the holiday season without the stress of packing and maneuvering around boxes and being in limbo.

Our fall bucketlist was born and top of the list was to visit a pumpkin patch. Like I said, boy, did we ever check that one off the list!

2013-10-23 11.07.492013-10-23 11.13.432013-10-23 11.07.25

2013-10-23 11.15.582013-10-23 11.15.012013-10-23 11.15.39

We walked around for a bit in a “we’re-overwhelmed-and-we-don’t-know-what-to-do” daze. Because there was SO much to do. Should we start with the corn maze? The train? The hay ride? The petting zoo? The pumpkin patch?

So we started with pictures.

And then we decided on the petting zoo which turned out to be delightfully empty of anyone else.

2013-10-23 11.23.13-2

2013-10-23 11.22.002013-10-23 11.19.452013-10-23 11.21.47

Then we took the quintessential pumpkin patch picture. Which started very quintessentially: with tears. Poor kid. Not sure if he was afraid of the pumpkin or if the hay was too prickly.

2013-10-23 11.25.522013-10-23 11.28.42-12013-10-23 11.26.02

We made up for it with a fun hayride out to the pumpkin patch to pick out a Baby Boy-sized pumpkin.

2013-10-23 11.46.23

2013-10-23 11.53.452013-10-23 11.52.502013-10-23 11.53.27

After that was fudge-tasting and fudge-getting and then a train ride. I just loved Isaac’s open-mouthed excitement about being on the train. I knew he wouldn’t remember it, but I didn’t realize how much he would actually enjoy it at 8 months old. Oh, how he enjoyed it. He’s a boy, through and through.

2013-10-23 11.40.452013-10-23 12.13.582013-10-23 12.16.02

That was our “pumpkin patch” adventure. Such a wonderful time and wonderful memories. We are starting out this season of thankfulness in full throttle.


2 thoughts on “the pumpkin patch

  1. Aw, what a adorable boy! His eyes make you just melt! Such a sweetie. Fall farms are just the best! We went to one around the corner from us this past weekend and it was wonderful!

  2. I love the fall! I guess every season is the best in it’s own way, but fall is so wonderful. And experiencing it through the eyes of a child tops it all!

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