Oh, how glad I am that I was there.

To see his smile.
Hear is giggle.
Watch the breeze blow his shock of hair.
Catch the way he stretched his striped-socked foot out straight.
Marvel at his handsomeness and the beauty of the day.
Notice his eyelashes, his tiny hands gripping, his chubby cheeks. Oh, the chubby cheeks.

Of all the things I could have been doing then, I’m glad I wasn’t.

I’m so glad I was there.


2 thoughts on “swinging

  1. Yes, YES! I just emailed you and mentioned how busy things have been. Part of the busy-ness is because of taking the time to just enjoy my kiddos. To savor being a mommy and at the end of the day, not regret that I didn’t spend more time just being truly present with them!

    What a sweet handsome little guy you have! His eyes just make me melt!

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