7 months


This Baby Boy. He changes so fast. One day he’s taking his first crying breath in my arms and the next he’s crawling and pulling up and babbling away in his baby-ese.

It’s really hard to grasp. Until you watch a little one change from that first day, it’s really hard to comprehend how fast it happens. Over night Baby Boy starts doing things he’s never done before.

2013-09-20 14.58.41B2013-09-20 15.00.21B2013-09-20 15.01.39B

I’ve noticed he’ll do a couple, sporadic test runs. Before we left for Seattle he pulled up once and nearly scared the daylights out of me. He really didn’t try it again for several days. Then last Thursday, right at the end of the day, he started pulling up. On everything.

Half of me is taken aback when he starts something new. He’s my baby. He started out so tiny and wrinkly and squinty-eyed: a little baby bird with his mouth open.

2013-09-20 15.09.02B

But the other half of me isn’t too surprised. He’s morphed into a little boy. With a full head of hair, expressive eyes and little hands that reach for me to pick him up.

He is almost always on the move now. Crawling, pulling up, dying to walk. Those moments in the morning right after we wake up. Or when he takes a small break from playing. Or while he’s nursing. When our eyes meet and it’s like we’re talking even though we’re not. Those are magic.

2013-09-20 14.58.16B2013-09-20 15.00.23B2013-09-20 15.01.24B

No one could have ever prepared me for how much I would love this Baby Boy. Or how fast he would change. Or how deeply I would feel the bond between mother & son. Or how much I would want to hold tight to each moment.

I thank God for a man named Matthew who loved me and asked me to be his wife, who asked me to be apart of his life and to share adventures with him. And I thank God for our greatest adventure yet – being parents to this Baby Boy.

2013-09-20 15.07.02B

Shout out to my beautiful friend, Asher, who founded the awesome non-profit Sole Hope. They are working hard to combat the jigger epidemic in Uganda, Africa by putting shoes on children’s feet one by one.

The shoes Isaac has on in these pics are Sole Hope shoes and we love them. You can go here to buy a pair.

2013-09-20 15.05.51B2013-09-20 15.11.00B


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