2013-09-01 14.12.33

Motherhood is both everything I thought it would be and many things I never imagined. It is the most difficult job I’ve ever done and also the most wonderful.

I know I’m not saying anything new, anything that hasn’t already been said.

But I woke up this morning with Baby Boy beside me. We cuddled, he nursed, we talked and I kissed his chubby cheeks as many times as I possibly could. And my heart swelled with gratefulness.

All the difficult things melt away in moments like those. And the wonderful things get so big and so amazing and so sweet and so precious.

This morning I was holding Baby Boy and thinking. This is it. This is motherhood. All the days I dreamed. All the days I prayed. Nights, too. With tears. Asking God to work out His will in my life and hoping that it might include being a wife and a mother.

Not one of those tears was missed by God. Not one of those prayers.

The sweet smell of his hair. The softness of his skin. His gummy smile. The weight of him in my arms. How he talks to himself when he wakes up in his crib after nap time. Yes, the long nights. And dirty diapers. And the laundry. All those things mixed together into this wonderful, fantastic answer to my tears, my prayers.



4 thoughts on “motherhood

  1. Oh my goodness I just loved this post! Motherhood – it does encompass a lot! Way harder than we ever dreamed it would be but it holds so much more joy at the same time! I loved every single picture you posted. What a sweet handsome adorable guy!!! Is he pulling up to his feet already?! I hope so badly that I get a chance to meet him someday! Haha, and YOU for that matter! : )

  2. He is such a darling baby! I have been following you since you were in college, and it has been so fun watching you become a wife and mom! May God bless you in all your life adventures!

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