what’s the point

2013-07-02 20.50.44

I’ve been struggling with something for a while now. Wrestling with it in my head. Trying to come to terms or a compromise or a solution somehow.

My subconscious continues the wrestling while I go about my day, but there’s always a moment – or several moments – when it comes to the forefront and I can’t ignore it. I have to stare it in the face.

The issue is this: what is the point of social media? More specifically, what is my point with social media?

Every time I hit post on Facebook or tweet on Twitter or share on Instagram, what is my point? Is it…

To be heard?

To be seen?

To be known?

To be applauded?

This is the issue I’ve been struggling with. I have come face to face with my own humanity and sinful nature and pride and fear of man.

Social media is an amazing thing. Through it I’ve met friends, I’ve been encouraged, I’ve learned, I’ve grown…all because of other amazing people on social media.

And that’s exactly what I want my point with social media to be.

To hear.

To see.

To know.

To applaud.

I want to bring life, to bring purpose and encouragement. To help others learn and grow. To be a friend. To share my faith.

Just as if we were all face to face. Because posting a status or tweeting or sharing a picture are not inane actions. They all mean something, whether I intend for them to or not.

And I want to be intentional. With social media. Just like I strive to be intentional in every other area of life.

I’m sure I’m not done with the struggling, the wrestling. I’m sure if it’s not some aspect of this issue continuing to work itself around in my mind it will be another.

But I’ve come to the conclusion that my first step is becoming more intentional. So begins my social media experiment. Posting, tweeting and sharing with a purpose.

To hear.

To see.

To know.

To applaud.

Others. Not for my glory, but for God’s.


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