four months [and an early father’s day]


This little guy is so much fun! I am blessed by every moment I have with him. Even when we hit a challenging or difficult day, his sweet smile makes it worth it all.

I think I love his smile so much because I see his daddy’s smile shining through. As much as I am blessed to hold this little guy in my arms, I am even more blessed to be held by his daddy.

Happy [Early] Father’s Day to the best and most amazing man! Baby, I love you with all my heart!

Thank you for giving me a little piece of yourself to hold. When I look at Isaac, I see your love for life, your adventurous spirit and your determination to seize every moment.

To think that this time last year we had just found out about our little peanut…and now we’re holding him and kissing him… Thank you for being a wonderful husband and daddy! I love you! (Isaac does, too!)

Love, Me

Isaac4Months 019Isaac4Months 012Isaac4Months 022

Isaac4Months 025

And, just for fun, how I often see him these days – in full motion and smiling:

Isaac4Months 040


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