two months old


Isaac2Months 020

Isaac2Months 080

Isaac2Months 078

On that note, I feel like I should do a two month update for myself.


– have adjusted to waking up in the middle of the night
– can pick things up with my toes
– am able to eat with my left hand
– can change a diaper in under 20 seconds (with the lights off and both hands tied behind my back 😉 )
– started my official exercise routine again
– can carry my purse, the diaper bag, the baby carrier (w/baby inside) and my travel coffee mug up and down 3 flights of stairs without dying
– went grocery shopping for the first time without MiMi’s help
– am so in love with my baby boy

I guess that’s about it for the both of us. Until next month!


6 thoughts on “two months old

    • I was sure there were…but blogger hates me and I have been locked out of your blog again! I feel horrible because you are so faithful to comment on mine. I feel bad asking you for an invite over and over. I’m not sure why it expires or why blogger kicks me out 😔

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