The common theme?


Yet this little guy fights sleep like it is his mortal enemy. I think he would sleep with one eye open if he could. He just doesn’t want to miss a thing.

Can’t say that I blame him. He changes every single day. That would be weird…waking up every morning only to find you looked just a little different, just a little…ahem…bigger.

Isaac weighed in at 10 lbs. 15 oz. at his six-week check up. Growing fast is an under statement. He has cankles now. And frists (that’s a forearm/wrist for anyone who doesn’t know).

He’s 22 1/2 inches long. A lot of his pants fit him around the waist but are too short. Good thing the warmer weather is on its way 😉

About once a week (maybe more if I just can’t help myself) I do a “Faces” picture post. This kid has got his faces down. It’s really hysterical to see how many different faces he’ll make in under a minute.

We’re having fun around here.


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