I can’t let them slip by. I won’t.

They go so fast. Even with the countless diaper changes and hours of nursing and shorter blocks of sleep. They are speeding by.

When putting in a load of laundry and emptying the dishwasher somehow become big goals on my to do list…tasks that would have taken me a few minutes before but now take a few hours it seems…

I am encouraged to stop. To forget the suddenly large (no matter how simple) tasks and notice. These moments.

Mornings in bed, Isaac sleeping soundly on my chest.

His smiles – so quick at this stage and fleeting as the moments.

Being together as a family. Not that we weren’t before. But now we’re really together.

First walks in the sunshine.

Morning conversations with Isaac. More fleeting smiles.

First outings.

First post-baby dates. Talk about fleeting moments! How can four hours fly by so fast????!!!!

Night time conversations between Isaac and Daddy. 

Mr. Squishy face sleeping late.

Finally being able to wear the penguin onesie I found for him.

Days where the only place that doesn’t include crying is in Mama’s arms.

Quiet time in the morning before the baby wakes.

A day spent with Mimi. She’s the best.

Milk drunk smiles…just as fleeting, but, oh, so sweet.

I love him so. I love getting to know him more day by day. Experiencing him. Watching him grow. Being able to be with him and not apart.

This whole pregnancy, labor/delivery, being a mom thing is the hardest and most wonderful thing I’ve ever done.

I wouldn’t miss these moments for the world.


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