our little birdie

(For those who follow me on Instagram, consider this your week in review 😉 )

There’s just something about the way he nuzzles my neck, his head bobbing, his mouth open wide that reminds me of a little bird.

Our Little Birdie.

I’m sure he won’t have that nickname into his teen years, but for now it fits. And it makes my heart ache just a little at how quickly he will grow up. Today he is a week old already.

This last week has been full of awe and wonder for me. For Matt, too. Moments that we never want to forget. We are soaking them up.

~ Morning snuggles in bed.

~ The way he puts his arms straight up by his ears when he sleeps.

~ His soft baby skin and sweet baby smell.

~ The time when Matt took his feet and I took his hands and we danced him to the tune of the “can-can.”

~ His little hiccups that sound like someone is playing the game of “Trouble.”

~ How he sucks his thumb.

~ How he immediately becomes peaceful when he starts to nurse.

~ His milk mustaches.

~ Taking baths together, him and I. And how he sleeps so soundly through them, like he’s dreaming he’s back in the womb.

~ His tiny bunny slippers.

~ How he needs us.

I still can’t wrap my mind around the fact that I carried him for nine months. It shouldn’t be that difficult but it is. I am still shaking my head in wonder that I have a baby, as though it happened all of a sudden. And I guess it did in some ways.

One moment he was movements and hiccups and a heartbeat but without a face…the next he was all those things but with the face of my sweet Isaac.

Our Little Birdie.


2 thoughts on “our little birdie

  1. I love all of the sweet pictures. Can’t wait to hear the story of how he was born too! : ) Heh – for awhile I thought our babies would be born days apart….we were at the hospital and they told us I wasn’t leaving till the baby came. Crazy. I’m home now, and little one is staying where he/she should for awhile yet. But looking at all of these pictures and coming so close to delivering already has made me ache to hold our little guy or girl. : )

    • Oh, wow, Chrissy! That is crazy! I know it’s such a “torn” feeling…wanting them to be healthy and be born at the perfect time and then aching so badly to hold them on the outside. I’m praying for you!

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