before baby


There was a time when the list seemed endless. There was so much to do.

And as fast as I crossed things off, I added to it. Only to re-write it because I would run out of room.

I re-wrote the “before baby” list too many times.

And then there was this past Saturday…when I crossed off the last major project on my list. It seemed like that magic moment when all the angels of heaven were singing along with me. When I looked back over the last couple of months and wondered why I worried that I wouldn’t get it all done. When Isaac should have suddenly decided it’s a good time to come…

But he didn’t. And that’s ok. I keep thinking maybe he needs to do a little more growing because I have been starving all the time lately…and tired. The good kind of tired after a hard day’s work. The kind of tired that (fortunately for me this time around) I can indulge by going to bed at 10 pm and getting up at 8 am.

And I started a fresh “before baby” list to help me keep my focus – except this one is full of tasks like “read” and “bake something” and “REST.” I’m not sure if this will be my last “before baby” list or if there will be one or two re-writes before Baby Boy comes. We will see! All I know is that anything I accomplish now is cream. Truly.

And that I will gladly trade in my “before baby” list for my “after baby” list. I am ready.


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