pros of downsizing & our apartment [in pics]

Nothing fancy, just a quick look at our cozy, one-bedroom apartment. I’m having a little trouble focusing on projects these days…so these are straight out of the camera. I thought I’d better get them up now or it might not happen for a while.

We love our little apartment. It’s the perfect size and layout. We have a terrific view from our balcony and we’re in one of the last buildings in the complex so we don’t get much traffic.

Matt volunteered to paint an accent wall in our living room and we really love it. I’ve never painted in the rentals I’ve had before, so this has been fun. And makes things seem a little more “ours.” Matt also negotiated for faux dark wood floors and a new microwave – yippee for amazing husbands!

We’ve had fun decorating and arranging everything. I’ve organized like crazy and we’ve trashed, donated or sold many things we don’t need and can’t fit.

And that would be the #1 pro to downsizing…clearing out the junk. It feels so good and so freeing! Clutter builds up way to easily, especially when there is ample space to store it.

The #2 pro? That I can plug the vacuum into one of the outlets in our bedroom and reach the entire apartment without unplugging it.

The #3 pro is that our place feels more like a get-away than just a place we live. It feels special and removed. It feels relaxing, filled with only things we want and need.

I’m sure there are many more pros that I’ll think of as the days go by, but the best thing is: I haven’t found any cons 😉


2 thoughts on “pros of downsizing & our apartment [in pics]

  1. Your new place is lovely! It must feel so good to be settled in, all ready for Isaac to arrive! Still praying for the delivery and eagerly awaiting news of his arrival. : )

    Much love ~

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