lydia & jacob [engaged]

This is my sister & her fiance. Engaged in December and soon-to-be married in April. I am so excited for them!

It’s kind of a weird thing to think of my little sister getting married. You know, her going to college was one thing. Graduating college. Starting her first “real” job. Moving out on her own. Dating.

Even getting engaged. Ok…that was still a little weird to think about. And just because it makes me feel a little old…and it makes me realize how fast time is flying.

BUT getting married??? Phew. That’s a big one. She wears it beautifully, that engagement ring. And she’ll wear her wedding band equally as well. I just know she’s going to love being a wife.

And then it doesn’t seem as weird anymore. And maybe I don’t feel quite as old. After all, life keeps moving forward (very evident every time I look down at my growing, almost-37-weeks belly) and change is simply an invitation to another adventure.

Lydia & Jacob, I’m so excited for you both! I so enjoyed taking your engagement pics and I CANNOT wait for your wedding. You two look amazing together! And I have no doubt you’ll keep that up as the years go by 😉 Happy Engagement!


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