our next move


Sometimes life does feel a little like a game of chess. Not that I know how to play chess. But you start to think: Okay. What’s our next move?

No. Really.

Shall we get an apartment, have a baby or start a new career? Can’t decide? Why not all three at the same time? Yes. That sounds about right.

Seriously though, I am getting so excited! This weekend we move into our apartment! Whoohoo! It’s 776 sq. feet of awesomeness…right down to the dark mahogany wood flooring, Berber carpet and garden tub. Actually, we pretty much got everything on our “list” when it comes to this place. It’s just one bedroom – but it’s a pretty sweet one bedroom.

I’m excited about getting our things back. It will be like Christmas and our wedding and my birthday all over again.

I’m excited about organizing & settling in – NESTING.

I’m excited about decorating and some fresh ideas I have for making our place homey and special.

I’m excited about setting up Isaac’s pack ‘n play and finding the perfect spot for his precious little clothes and things.

Which reminds me…I’m 35 weeks today. 35 weeks. This third trimester has definitely flown by compared to the first and the second. I can’t believe Isaac might be here in five short weeks. I can’t believe how big my belly is getting. I can’t believe that I am rejoicing over every tiny, cloth diaper added to my stash. I can’t believe that the soft, muslin swaddle blankets I just washed will soon be used to snuggle my baby boy against my chest.

And then there’s the new career. One that has been in the prayers and in the works for a long time. It’s slowly unfolding and we are thrilled. We can’t wait to see what this path holds for us. We are so at peace and resting in the center of God’s will. It’s going to bring changes and challenges…but also many adventures and blessings. We couldn’t ask for more.

How’s that for a new year of change???

“Don’t be afraid of change, because it is leading you to a new beginning.” ~ Joyce Meyer


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