christmas in a jar

The inspiration is returning slowly but surely. I am feeling more alive creatively then I have in a long time. I’m not normally a “craft” person, but this week I pulled out the glue gun and tried my hand at a few projects.

First up, “Christmas in a Jar”…or “Winter Snow-globes”…really, whatever you want to call them. I saw the idea on Pinterest, but – since the image didn’t actually link to a tutorial – all I had to go by were the images and I can’t really give anyone credit. Except maybe Anthropologie…since the top image says these are Anthropologie inspired? Who knows?

The globes are super easy to make.

This is what I used:

– mini mason jars from Hobby Lobby

– mini flocked Christmas tress from Hobby Lobby (their Christmas stuff is 50% off right now)

– white glitter from Hobby Lobby

– two round felt furniture pads (any kind of thick felt could be used)

– a glue gun

This is what I did:

– cut the felt pads to fit the bottom of each tree and stuck them on (this gave the trees a little more height)

– glued the trees to the center of the inside of the jar lids

– filled the jars with about 1 to 1 1/2 inches of glitter

– screwed the lids on the jars and flipped them over

The cool thing about these globes is you can make them in any size. I actually made half the globes with slightly larger jars because I went back to Hobby Lobby to get more and accidental bought a different size. They both looked great!

Next I pulled out my Christmas ribbon and trimmings and used my glue gun to embellish some small, 3 for $1 brown paper gift bags from Hobby Lobby. So much fun!

And I’m so excited that the inspiration is seeping back in.

Christmas truly is the “most wonderful time of the year”!!!


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