27 weeks

Yes, that’s just 12 weeks until Isaac’s due date.

And I cannot wait. I am so excited to meet this little boy.

Just as my posts on this pregnancy (no worries, I’ve been keeping a pretty detailed pregnancy journal) have been pretty random, the thoughts in this blog post are going to be pretty random:

1. I went to bed last Friday night and, when I woke up Saturday morning, my belly was bigger. Overnight. It seemed like it had grown an inch. This kid has crazy growth spurts. I’m ok with that because I’m measuring right on schedule and he’s showing all the signs of a healthy, happy baby. I just hope he can use some of the tiny newborn clothes I’ve gotten him. No…really…I’m praying he will. Tiny is good.

2. I basically sleep in a trench of pillows now. Four to be exact. Two for my head, one in front and one tucked behind. The space I need in bed has almost doubled. Scary thought. I keep thinking it shouldn’t happen this fast…then I remember the 12 week thing. And I realize it hasn’t happened fast at all. It’s about time.

3. I’m still in 80% non-maternity clothes. And this excites me. Case in point, I’m not wearing anything maternity in the pic above. I’m hoping to make it the rest of the way with what I have. Really the only thing I’ve absolutely needed is maternity jeans/pants. Everything else, with the styles these days, has been pretty easy to fudge. Long shirts…tunic tops…stretchy materials. I’ve saved a boat load of money. And retained some style. Haha. Maternity clothes (unless you want to go broke) leave a little something to be desired, in my opinion.

4. Strangely… I feel so calm. So at peace. Not really worried or anxious at all. About labor & delivery. About becoming a mom. About having a son. (I’M HAVING A SON!!!!) And I’m thankful. I’m covering this pregnancy and this little boy in prayer. I think I’m still in shock…that God has blessed me with the opportunity to be a mother. I can’t hardly wrap my mind or heart around it.

And that completes my random thoughts at 27 weeks. Next week the 3rd trimester begins. Ahhhhhh! SO excited.


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