one year

If there is one day of my life I wish I could relive, it would be my wedding day.

I did a post of our wedding pictures last January, but I’ve never really written about the day. I was too overwhelmed to try and put it all into words.

Today it’s been a year since Matt and I spoke our vows over the gentle breaking of waves. The sand between my toes. A light breeze playing with my veil. His eyes so deep, his voice so steady. He says he was nervous, but I couldn’t tell.

I’ve had twelve months to let it all sink in, but I’m still not sure it has. I still wake up wondering how God could have blessed me so much. I still fall asleep thanking Him that He has.

I am still awestruck. I am still on Cloud 9. I still wonder how I ever lived life before Matt. He is the part of my heart that was missing…that deep-down ache that would never really go away…that sense of missing someone I had never even met.

And the love I feel for him today is an even deeper love. A truer love. A love that I never thought it would be possible to have for another person. And it just keeps growing.

I woke up to the sun on the day of our wedding. There was quiet and I smiled into the stillness as I lay looking up at the ceiling. This was the day. I had always wondered how I would feel.

I felt nothing but peace. Peace and deep contentment.

I slipped out of bed and noticed a large white envelope that had been slid under my door. It was one of our wedding invitations with a beautiful letter from mom & dad. There were tears as I read it.

The morning was leisurely (to me at least!), slowly getting ready, talking to family & drinking coffee in the kitchen of the beach house we had rented. And the beach house was amazing – rustic and charming with wood floors and tons of windows. We chose it for the number of rooms and the beautiful yard where the reception would be held.

A little bit after lunch Lydia and I went to get our hair and make-up done at a nearby salon. We came back to the house and I waited calmly, hid away in an upstairs bedroom. I had waited for 27 years, another few hours was all that lay between me and being his.

I waited while the sunlight poured in through the window.

I waited while the last minute details were being set in place and the cupcakes arrived and our photographer drove up.

I waited while I watched Matt walk up the rock pathway with his brother and a couple of friends.

I smiled because – even though we had our first look 30 minutes later – I got to see him first 🙂

At around 4:30pm that afternoon, I walked down a sandy aisle to the man of my dreams and vowed to be his wife “until death do us part.” The sun was brilliant. The ocean was vast and perfect blue. We were surrounded by friends and family. Nothing could have been better.

And we had a blast at our reception – amazing food, an ice cream bar, tables in the backyard with patio lights strung over them. Lemonade and iced tea and a home-made coffee bar. Talking and laughing and picture taking. I even got to sit down and eat!

Then the moment came for us to run down the rock pathway to our get-a-way car. The photographer told us to take it slow so she could get a good picture. We did…but that moment still flew by.

In a nano second we left our old lives behind and started out on a brand new adventure – life together.


I just want to say that I’m so grateful God sent you into my life. I am humbled and blessed and awestruck by His mercy.

If this past year was a sample of what the next 60 years will hold, all I can say is – wow! Nothing could be better than life together with you.

I love you. I adore you. Every moment I have with you is a precious gift from God that I will never take for granted.

Happy Anniversary, sweetheart! My heart is yours, now & forever.




5 thoughts on “one year

  1. Happy Anniversary!! This post made me smile as I think of God’s wonderful goodness to you in giving you each other. : )

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