23 weeks

Isaac is our entertainment these days. It’s crazy to see my belly rock and roll…moving with this little one that is so close yet so far away.

Truly, the last few weeks of this pregnancy have seemed to drag by. After we found out the gender, I was ready to have him. I was ready to hold Isaac in my arms. We can fast forward these last few months, thank-you-very-much.

It’s not that this pregnancy has been difficult at all. I have no complaints. I mean, I have nothing to compare it to, but it’s gone as well as I expected. It’s just that Isaac is right there. He’s right there…and even though I’m holding him in a sense, I can’t wait to hold him in my arms.

Just when I feel like the weeks are dragging by, my iPhone dings with an alert from PregnancyCenter announcing I’m 23 weeks. 23 weeks!!! Good gracious. Four more weeks and I will be saying hello to the third trimester. That makes me think these weeks aren’t crawling by as slow as they feel.

I have dreams of a nursery. Many dreams. What new mom doesn’t? But right now I’m planning for just a corner of our room…just in case we are still with my parents when Isaac comes. That might not be the case, but – if it is – this little boy is going to have the sweetest corner of any room that ever was 😉

November/December/January are going to be my craft  months. And I’m not a crafty person at all, but somehow I’ve stumbled across a few projects that excite me. I think I’m going to try my hand at stockings for the three of us. Who would have thought?

In building my registries, I’ve come across so many great products. Wow. It was overwhelming at first and then terribly addictive. We don’t have much space, so my guidelines of what makes the registry/what doesn’t are pretty rigid. Here are a few things that I’m really excited about:

these bottles from LifeFactory (they have a separate sippy lid that fits them, too, so I can just keep using the same bottles)

this baby carrier from BabyBjorn (love the pinstripes)

this diaper from BumGenius (isn’t it adorable!!!??? And I’m so excited about cloth diapering)

this sheep (it will attach right to his pack ‘n play)

Anyways, how is that for a random post?


2 thoughts on “23 weeks

  1. You are so cute! I love reading your blog. 🙂 I’ve actually used those bottles with Asa and that exact carrier with Quinn and have some info about both you might want to know before you buy. IF you want that info let me know…otherwise I’ll keep my mouth shut cause as you know, or will figure out quickly, people give waaayyy too much advice to new parents-I don’t want to be one of “those” people. 🙂 Love you!!!

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