overwhelmed-ness. surreal-ness. blessed-ness.

Why is it that the most profound moments or seasons in my life are the hardest to write about?

I sit down to blog and nothing comes…just a sense of overwhelmed-ness. A sense of surreal-ness. A sense of blessed-ness. If those are even words.

Whether they are or not…that’s how I feel.

The words won’t come because there are too many. And I’m afraid that if I start to write I won’t ever be able to stop. The words won’t come because there aren’t words good enough And I’m afraid that what finds its way to the page will only partially express what I’m trying to say.

All that preface just to say…

As of yesterday, I am 18 weeks. This little one and I are 18 weeks into this journey called pregnancy. It’s so hard to believe.

There were some days in the first trimester that felt like they were weeks long. Days when I thought I would never feel “normal” again (whatever that is). Days when I thought I would never be able to smell again without smelling everything within a two mile radius. Days when I thought I would never be able to stomach more than just a handful of different foods. Days when I thought I would never have a baby bump…just bloat or a little extra cushion around the middle.

I welcomed the 2nd trimester with something like the flu. Or a stomach bug. It was lovely. But then, day by day, the nausea left me. The “it could be my super-power” sense of smell left me. The disgust at 99.9% of foods (especially veggies) left me. And I – wait for it – felt “normal” again.

And I got my baby bump.

I think I could camp out in the 2nd trimester for a while.

– I’m feeling great

– My belly is growing

– I’m feeling baby move more and more

– Matt felt baby move for the first time the other night

– I’m having fun dressing my bump (shout out to Target and Old Navy)

– Tomorrow we see our baby again and find out the gender

So, yes… Overwhelmed-ness. Surreal-ness. Blessed-ness.

And I am beyond thankful to have Matt as my greatest support. My best friend. My confidant. My love. I could not even imagine living this season of life without him.

He is so sweet and reassuring. So gentle and thoughtful. So patient. So giving and loving. He pours out the compliments and makes me feel like a queen. This baby has one amazing daddy.

And this mommy has one amazing husband.

I couldn’t ask for more.


6 thoughts on “overwhelmed-ness. surreal-ness. blessed-ness.

  1. Beautiful!!! I love reading your words…so true during such a blessed journey. The photos are priceless as well and so precious. Hugs to you and Matt!

  2. I have to let you know that I followed your blog without even thinking about it about ten seconds into reading this post, because you are two days ahead of me, and I like your pictures. Congratulations on the pregnancy, and on the new bump 🙂

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