these days

We’ve been laying low and it’s been nice.

I haven’t felt very motivated to take pictures or post on here. I think I was a little burnt out after our whirlwind travels this summer. The good thing is all our travel pictures have been edited and posted, so that’s not hanging over my head.

We’ve been adjusting to the time change. We’ve been enjoying time with family and friends. We’ve been relaxing in the pool. We’ve also been finding our new routine, our groove for this season of life.

There are two exciting pieces of news I’m holding in my heart right now:

#1: We find out whether we’re having a boy or girl NEXT week. 

Next week!!!! And we are so excited. It hardly seems possible that the weeks have flown by so fast. This second trimester has been much kinder than the first and I am enjoying seeing my belly grow, being able to eat more than a handful of foods and having my first midwife appointment.

#2: Dad and I received the final proof of our book this week. 

It’s an amazing thing to see our hard work in print. We are on track for release right around Christmas time, so we are excited about that. This book would be a great stocking stuffer for any young men in your life: sons, grandsons, brothers or nephews. Head on over to our writing blog to read more. We’ll be sure to let everyone know once pre-ordering begins.

So that’s the update. That’s what’s happening these days.


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