our austria adventure: heiligenblut

Our third and final stop in Austria was a little mountain village called Heiligenblut (translated: Holy Blood). It took us two trains and a long bus ride to get there, but we arrived in the pouring rain late in the evening. Thankfully the final bus stop was across from the Post Hotel. We were able to get a good dinner and they even called our B&B for us, so we would have a ride instead of trekking down the side of the hill in the dark and rain.

Our B&B was run by a sweet older lady. It was a nice room with a pretty view and a good breakfast both mornings. The weather in Heiligenblut was definitely cooler than Vienna…but very humid and a little muggy. We tried to sleep with the windows open, but we might as well have been camping outside because all the bugs decided they liked our room the best. We closed the windows and Matt valiantly killed every last one of them 😉

The next morning after breakfast we decided to grab a picnic lunch from the grocery store and head out on another of our famous hikes. We made it to our goal – a look out station high up in the crook of the mountains – and a little beyond. We ended up back at the Post Hotel for lunch. We also had some of the best apple strudel either of us has ever tasted. We relaxed the rest of the day and walked back up to town again that evening for a little dinner.

The next morning found us back on the bus again, starting our journey back to Germany and Obberaumergau.


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