our austria adventure: innsbruck & vienna

We actually planned our Austria adventure out in advance, unlike the other places we have gone. We have wanted to be as flexible as possible in our travels, leaving room to get up and go wherever we wanted, when we wanted. But for the sake of simplicity, Matt did all the heavy lifting and booked the hotels in our tri-city trek before we crossed the border.

We arrived in Innsbruck to a torrential downpour and massive thunderstorm, something spectacular in a city surrounded by a ring of mountains. The sound was deafening. We topped that off with a wild taxi ride up the side of the mountain to our place for the night…which turned out a little more backwoods than we would have liked. BUT it worked for the night and we found a nice room down in town for the second night. And we ate Thai food again. And we saw a good bit of the old town.

After our brief stop in Innsbruck, we jumped on the train to Vienna and arrived mid-afternoon. We stayed at the Pension Suzanne and walked to the Imperial Hotel for dinner. And then we headed to the heart of the old town for the evening.

Vienna is one of the most romantic cities we’ve visited. It is full of art and culture and natural opportunities to soak up beautiful music. Like the cellist playing lovely sonatas in front of the Hoffburg Palace as the sun set and horse-drawn carriages drove by. We sat on the steps and listened. And talked quietly about how thankful we were to be there. Together. In that moment.

The next day we did some more exploring. And some more ice cream eating. And even some resting in the heat of the day. Then we got ready and jumped on the metro to Schloss Schonbrunn, just a little ways outside the city center. We had bought tickets for a Mozart/Strauss concert at the Orangery that evening.

We walked the grounds as the sun set, climbing the hill to get the best view of the city. And ended our evening at the Orangery, serenaded by a wonderful twelve piece orchestra. Vienna is definitely a city we want to visit again. It is truly lovely.


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