our germany adventures: berlin

Berlin was…

– fun

– crowded

– hot

– fun

We spent four nights and four days exploring all it had to offer…and it delivered.

Our first full day was a day trip to Postdam to see the Prussian Palaces. It was a long trip outside the city and back…and it was very hot out…and there was a strange lack of places to eat…but it was cool to see. We decided that afternoon to stay four nights instead of three because we felt like that day trip took away from our sightseeing time in the city.

That evening we saw the remains of the Berlin Wall and Check Point Charlie. We stumbled across an amazing Thai restaurant called ThaiSu. Matt got his fill of sushi and I got my fill of spring rolls and chicken & veggies in a chili Thai sauce that was to die for! So weird…but Asian food is one of the few foods that almost always sounds good to me despite my morning sickness bouts.

After dinner we saw The Dark Knight Rises (I’m not recommending it or anything…but I am saying, “You must see it!”) at the Postdamer Platz cinema. So much fun.

The next day was our museum day. We hit the Pergamon and the Germany Historical Museum hard. Read: we spent about 7 hours total in both. Haha. Matt is my history buff. We topped our museum day off with a walk through the outdoor Topography of Terror. At that point, I thought I might die. But I didn’t 😉 Haha. And it was worth it because that evening we went straight back to the only restaurant in all of Berlin that was calling my the baby’s name: ThaiSu. And it was just as good as the night before.

Saturday we took it slow. The heat was beating us both. Little to no AC anywhere makes it hard to recover. And I know the U.S. has been basking in a terrible heat wave, so we were able to sympathize and feel a little closer to home. We ventured out to see the Reichstag, but soon found ourselves back in the hotel room, wanting to escape the worst heat of the day. I’ve been very fortunate compared to other pregnant ladies, but the heat makes my nausea worse and saps any energy I think I have.

So, that afternoon once it was cooler (and raining!), we headed for Alexanderplatz and the Fernsehturm (Berlin’s space needle). We had dinner at a Mexican cafe’ (different, but it wasn’t bad) with gelato for dessert. Just before sunset we headed up to the top of the needle. Matt got a drink and we enjoyed the panorama of the city. It was a nice finish to our stay in the city.

The next morning we packed our bags and borded the train for Switzerland. Those pics up next.


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