our germany adventures: freiburg

After our hike up to the ruins, we drove from Staufen to Freiburg, only about a 30 minute trip. But it seemed like we entered another world. Freiburg is a much bigger city. It is hot and crowded and loud and dirty. It was hard to come from Staufen to that.

Rick Steve’s says that Freiburg exudes a “I could live here” mentality…but we didn’t feel that. We have figured out that we like staying in smaller towns and taking day trips into the cities.

We rented a room for the night at Hotel zur Sichelschmiede on the canal. The road running in front of the hotel is a one way street. So we parked, grabbed our bags and headed down. Did I mention Freiburg is hot and crowded? We finally found the front door of the hotel (awkwardly placed behind all the restaurant tables so we’re pushing our way through people eating) and checked in.

After that our afternoon was filled with parking our car (driving in Freiburg is madness), doing a load of laundry and buying a fan (because it was just that hot). We decide to go to Cochem on the Mosel River next; Matt called and made our reservations. We are looking forward to cooler weather.

Matt went to find a gym and I worked on the computer (one Freiburg plus – good internet – yippee!!!).

That evening we went to dinner at a brewery called Hausbraurei Feierling that is right across the canal from our hotel. Matt had fish and I got the rumpsteak. It was still very hot, even in inside. They don’t really have AC in Germany.

We took a walk around old town Freiburg and saw the Freiburg Munster (Cathedral). It was quite impressive; the steeple is 127 feet high. I thought the grounds were dirty, more than other church grounds I’ve seen. Grafitti is not uncommon in Freiburg. They had scaffolding on a lot of the church because it was built out of a very soft stone and constantly needs repaired.

We are glad we came, but we are very excited to experience the Mosel River Valley next.


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