our germany adventures: staufen

In Staufen (southwest Germany) we stayed at a quaint guesthouse called Gasthause Krone. Our view from the balcony in our room was of the castle ruins on the hill.

This little town is very idyllic – the perfect German town. It is beautiful, pedestrian friendly, has lovely alley ways, fountains and flowers everywhere. The German’s are master gardeners. Cafes, guesthouses and restaurants abound.

The first night we went to a little local pub/bar and watched Spain play Portugal. As Matt says, “You can’t get more culture than this.”

The next morning we woke up to breakfast in the breakfast room – tables by the windows that looked out into the great leafy boughs of the trees. It was typical German fare – muesli, yogurt, bread, meat & cheese, juice and coffee.

That morning we followed Rick Steve’s walking tour of Staufen. So many neat little streets to explore…the church was empty, quiet but beautiful.

We decided to stay in Staufen another night. Krone didn’t have any vacancy, so we called another guesthouse on the main street – Hotel Harscher – and reserved a room there.

That day we drove down to Kandern again, stopping along the way in Bad Weiler to see the Baden Burg ruins. It was a nice hike up, quiet and empty.

We continued south, stopping one more time at a little roadside hut to buy cherries. No one was there, it was just the honor system. They had a little cash bucket – 2.50 euros for 500 grams – and they were good.

Matt showed me around his old school a little more. We stopped at the market and got some water, then headed back up to Staufen. Once we checked in I laid down and took a nice nap. I was exhausted!

I woke up wanting a piece of chocolate cake and we remembered Café Decker up on the corner. We had heard several good things about it…and they were right. I had a piece of Sachertorte and it was delicious. We sat outside, on the pedestrian bridge over looking the stream.

That evening we tried three different places to watch the Germany vs. Italy Fussball game – an outdoor café with a giant screen (weird atmosphere), the pub we went to last night (very, very smoky and packed out) and finally back at our hotel (third time is a charm). Too bad Germany lost. Other than that, it was a fun time.

The next morning we got up later – still adjusting to the time change, I think – and decided to hike up to the burg ruins on the hill. We should have gone earlier. It was hot. Very hot. By the time we got to the top, I didn’t feel like eating the pastry we had bought for breakfast. By the time we got back down to our car, I was extremely relieved. BUT we did it! We conquered the ruins!

More soon…


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