our germany adventures: stuttgart

I can hear the church bells ringing. The sound carries over the tops of the apartments and buildings until it reaches me where I sit on the roof top patio.

Backing up…

We got our rental car with no problems, loaded up our stuff and hit the road. We made it to Stuttgart in under two hours, had just a couple wrong turns once we got into the city. But finding my friend’s (thank you, Amy!!!) apartment was fairly easy. We climbed the six stories with our bags and let ourselves in.

A shower, a nap and a delicious dinner later and we felt so refreshed. Matt and I stood out on the roof top patio and looked out over the houses, to the hills. The sunlight glinted through puffy evening clouds as it set. The breeze was so cool and refreshing. We made it. We were in Germany.

The next morning – after sleeping through the night – we got up around 9am. We decided to walk down the street to a little cafe called Moulu’s where I had muesli with yogurt, a delicious croissant and fresh squeezed orange juice. Matt had scrambled eggs, a salad and a machiotto. We sat at a table on the sidewalk. The sun peaked in and out of the clouds. It was very relaxing. A great start to our first day in Stuttgart.

After our brunch, we walked down to Konigstrasse – the main pedestrian walkway that goes through the old downtown. Since most of Stuttgart was destroyed during WWII, many of the buildings are new. Some are refurbished to look like the old. We bought a phone at T-Mobile and Matt did great using his German. We saw the Domkirche St. Eberhard that was bombed out and then rebuilt. We walked through the Schlossplatz and saw the Neues Schloss (or New Palace).

The day was beautiful. Sunny with puffy clouds. A cool breeze. The Schlossplatz had beautiful flowers and fountains. There were so many people out, which was surprising for a Tuesday afternoon. I eventually got hungry and we stopped at a bakery for a sandwich. Matt was on the hunt for a childhood favorite – Spagetti Bucher. It’s ice cream that is put through a strainer & topped with a strawberry sauce so it looks like spaghetti.

That afternoon we were also able to get our portable hot-spot so we can have internet access wherever we go – yay! We took a little drive, stopped at a scenic overlook and made it back to the house in time to freshen up before dinner.

Dinner was at a quaint little biergarten down the street, shaded perfectly by trees, strung with lights…a great atmosphere. We had good conversation and good food – weinerschnitzel with kas’ spatzle, salad & afelstrudel. It was just what I remembered about Germany. So delicious.

And that was the end of our first full day in Germany. We have both fallen in love with Germany all over again, just in the first 24 hours. We are still pinching ourselves. We can’t believe we’re here.


5 thoughts on “our germany adventures: stuttgart

  1. This is such a happy post! I love the pictures, love the scenery and I love that you guys are there living out your dream! When I think of you and your story of finding Matt, getting married, and now being on this big adventure, I can’t help but to think of how good God is. : )

  2. Thank you so much, Chrissy! We are having the time of our lives…and – you are so right – in the good times and the bad, God is so good.

  3. Stuttgart is a great little city! It was one of the first German cities my sisters and I explored when we visited. Love reliving our fun memories through your pictures!

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