our germany adventure 2012 begins


Our Germany Adventure 2012 began June 3rd. We went to Frontline one last time and it was so good to get that time of worship/fellowship/teaching in before hitting the road.

We only had a short drive south to Matt’s uncle & aunt’s place…one of our favorite places to visit. It’s like being at a private resort. The weather was beautiful. We were able to unwind, relax and be refreshed before the next leg of our journey.

We spent mornings by the pool, eating our breakfast to the sounds of the world waking up and the sun peeking out over the trees. I read and Matt worked on school.

We spent afternoons poolside, too. And an evening on the bow of the sailboat sipping champagne and eating warm cobbler with cold ice cream while the sun set and the moon rose.

We tried out the Sea-doo and Matt took me on a kayak tour of the lake like an Egyptian princess. The seats were too close for me to paddle, too…so I tried my best to sit back and relax 😉 We saw ducks, Egrets, a huge snake, a giant fish…and it was sunny and lovely and peaceful.

We enjoyed grilling out on the patio. Dining in. Frozen yogurt at Montgomery Plaza. La Croix poolside. I have to shake my head even now. I don’t get the blessings, so undeserved.

But I am grateful from the deepest part of my being. God is so faithful – in the good times and the bad. I have experienced both. And what makes the good times even better is having seen God’s grace in the bad times.


2 thoughts on “our germany adventure 2012 begins

  1. What a beautiful few days you’ve had! And I loved reading Grace for the Good Girl! It is a life changing book. : )

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