That’s what I’ve felt the need to do. Empty my mind, my heart, myself of everything. Exhale deeply. So that I can be re-filled. So that I can take a deep, deep breath.

This transition from 9-5 job to a totally flexible, make-my-own-routine (although it’s crazy because we’re travelling and will be for a while and not what I would call a routine…haha) has been a long time coming. A long time dreaming.

Or rather I’ve been a long time waiting.

Working hard, praying, hoping, dreaming. I never really thought it would happen. But it has.

There are so many things I’ve wanted to do. So many things I’ve wanted to think about, daydream about, decide on, pray over, read, write, try, let go of, start and finish. I’ve held them off because I just didn’t have time. Or what I deemed the proper mental, spiritual and emotional energy.

But now.

Now I am taking the time. Emptying. My mind and my heart. Exhaling deeply so that I can breathe in deeply.

And it’s lovely.


P.S. More posts and pictures coming soon. We’ve covered a fair bit of ground since I posted last. Literally.

P.S.S. If you are in need of a good exhale and a deep, healing breath, I would recommend checking out one or both of these two things:

1. The SheReadsTruth community via the website, twitter or on Instagram @shereadstruth. We’re reading through YouVersion’s Soul Detox reading plan and it’s been so wonderful.

2. The Grace for the Good Girl – Letting Go of the Try Hard Life book club over at Chatting at the Sky. This book is just what I needed to read. And the online book club is just the connection (and continuity) I need.


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