so long twenty-seven

You’ve been the best year of my life, Twenty-Seven.

You started on the beach. In the sand, under the sun. With Mom, while we were on another one of our adventures. Little did I know that less than six months later, I’d be walking across that same sand, under that same sun to marry the love of my life.

You brought a lot of travel, Twenty-Seven. Florida. Seattle. Mississippi. The Northwest. St. Louis. Chicago. Fiji. New Zealand. It was a blast. I took so many pictures. In fact, I took so many pictures I’m going to have to make multiple photo albums just to document them all.

You introduced me to Matt. And, Twenty-Seven, I can’t thank you enough. I had come to a place where I really wasn’t sure if I would ever get married. I thought it was just going to be me. And, oddly, I was ok with that. Just ok…because, like every girl, I wanted to get married and have a family. I was coming to terms, not my terms…but that’s what mattered. And then Matt was there, walking towards me in the airport on that sunny afternoon in June. And it was magic.

You held so many firsts, twenty-seven. Beyond all the traveling to places I’d never been. You brought first love letters. A first wedding date. A first proposal [with a very first, gorgeous diamond ring]. A first kiss. A first wedding week on the beach. A first wedding day. A first honeymoon. A first Thanksgiving together. A first Christmas. A first Valentine’s Day. A first love of my life, man of my dreams, answer to my prayers – HUSBAND! And last. Forever. Twenty-Seven, you spared no expense of blessing.

You were a “breathing” year for me, Twenty-Seven. The year before was rough, no lie. God was good through it all, but it was rough. Twenty-Seven, you brought rest. You brought refreshment. You brought blessing after blessing after blessing. I still feel like I’m dreaming. I am in awe of all God did in your short 12 months.

You brought exciting plans, Twenty-Seven. Moving plans. One way tickets to a foreign country. Purging our belongs. Selling. Giving away. Then packing. And dreaming and planning some more. Plans for adventure beyond our borders. Plans to spread our wings a little more. And fly.

You held so many memories. With friends and family. With loved ones near and far. So many good times that my heart could burst with the light and love of them all. I am so very thankful. I can’t contain my thankfulness. You were full to the brim, Twenty-Seven.

Yes, you’ve been good to me, Twenty-Seven. But God has been even better.

I raise my heart & my hands to Him – and thank him for you, for the gift of my twenty-seventh year of life. I am blessed beyond measure.

So long, Twenty-Seven.

Hello, Twenty-Eight.


2 thoughts on “so long twenty-seven

  1. Aw! Happy Birthday!! I loved this post….just remembering God’s goodness. So wonderful. And this may sound a bit strange, but reading again about your wonderful restful year of being 27 after a tough year before….it encourages me. I am in the midst of a very rough couple of years and I’m waiting – just longing for the rest to come, the refreshment. How amazing to see more proofs of God’s faithfulness through your story. Makes these days seem less never-ending but more of working toward the time when God brings rest. That was a rabbit trail. : ) Anyways, I hope your year of being twenty-eight is just as wonderful as twenty-seven was. Happy Birthday!

  2. Thanks so much, Chrissy! And I totally understand what you’re saying! I am praying God brings you rest and refreshment soon. Yes, the hard times make the good times that much better, like you said. I am thinking about you and praying for you, friend!

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